The speed of universal expansion..

I realized that I am a total laymen. I do not deny my ignorance on certain subjects. But sometimes, I still like to think about things, and ask questions..which may or may not be silly in hopes of learning more.

But as a photographer, I have often noticed an effect in the movies created by a varying depth of field. In extreme cases, it might give you in theater vertigo. Basically, what I am talking about is that as you zoom in and out your depth of field flattens or expands. If you change your iris up or down in size in the camera, the same occurs. If you slowly zoom out, and push your iris all the way closed at the same time, matching the speed of your zoom out, you can literally watch space stretch in the movie.

I know that scientists are using varying types of telescopes to view space. But I wonder if to a certain extent, even radio telescopes are subject to the same effect. Maybe that can at leat partially explain why planets seem to be moving away faster.


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