Morgellons and Carnicom Institiute

I just got done listening to a two part audio broadcast done with regard to a little known paper produced by a scientist from the Northern Arizona University on the filaments that Morgellons victims are producing. It is amazing that it has been on the back burner for so long.

Scientists, biologists please! Listen to the audio at this link –

Why are our bodies producing fiber/filament like structures that have been isolated in lab results as being:

protein -keratin

protein – bovine serum albumin

protein – unknown fluorescent material

See lab graphs –

see lab report –

and a snippet from the report for Ben…..

III. Future direction:

The fluorescent factor protein was purified via C18 Sep-Pak chromatography, eluted with methanol/water (50:50) and rotary evaporated to dryness. The resultant powder should be sent to OSU Stillwater’s Proteonomic facility for MALDI-TOF and Edmund sequence analysis. MALDI-TOF will allow the identification of the exact mass of one (or several) proteins in the mixture, whereas Edmund sequence analysis will yield the first fifteen amino acids present in the protein sequence, allowing for either confirmation of the prior nano-HPLC/MS results or bioinformatics searches to obtain the protein identity. As of now, the samples have been sent to Dr. Wymore, due to complications with communicating with the Stillwater facility. Currently, this protein identity is unknown.

The fluorescence (associated with fibers), isolated to a protein composition, may be a unique feature to Morgellons patetients. The establishment of a diagnostic biochemical characteristic to Morgellons would greatly assist clinical practicioners in distinguishing between Morgellons and Delusional Parasitosis. Accordingly, it may be of significant interest to screen a wide variety of fibers from Morgellons patients for fluorescence, in order to establish this as a feature common to many patients. Similarly, it may be of interest to survey textile and cellulose fibers for fluorescence, in order to establish the fluorescent fiber hallmark as a unique, non-commerical, non-man-made entity. Further protein analysis of the fluorescent factor may yield clues to the infectious agent idenitity, as the protein does not, in this single sample, correspond to any potential human gene or protein product.

The techniques described here could also be applied to another physical manifestation of Morgellons: the emergence of black “specks” from the skin. A similar protein biochemical analysis of the specks may prove revealing in identifying the entity responsible for Morgellons.

We know the CDC and others know very well what we have been infected with. Speculation from someone with a vivid imagination producing these “fibers” can be just as freaken’ traumatic as the the suffering this horrific plague has caused!! (fibers have been found in over 6 mediums from the human body!!)

PLEASE, LISTEN TO THE AUDIOS PART ONE AND TWO…LOOK AT THE REPORT AND GRAPHS – There is something terrible going on and this government won’t admit it. Does this have anything to do with the Swine/Avian/Human flu virus? See, I have become really jaded with regard to trusting any agency here or abroad when it comes to matters of life and death, freedom and tyranny, good and evil. They have earned my contempt.

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