THE MEMORY OF WATER, therefore all elements

To understand the view, water has memory. You need to examine it’s basic parts. Water has two hydrogen to one oxygen atom. It is the mass of these atom which is important due to the effect it causes.
The approach to this effect can be best explain, by think about the model connected to Black Holes. However you must forget the view, matter is reduced to a vertex point known as Singularity. In a Black Hole in this dimension there is just a two dimension disc. The edge of the disc can be explain as a Event Horizon. Hence matter leaves this dimension, and is pushed into another dimension though the disc. As it touches the other side, the matter is stored locally to the Black Hole. The matter is all energy in this domain but with mass. I have heard the view dark energy and dark matter, dark because we can not see it.
Now atoms have mass and each element has a defined vibration caused by it’s mass. The mass of a element results in a sub microscopic Black Hole. However the two dimension disc in this case is moving loci, due to the effect from the electrons. The dimensions connected to atoms is thought energy. Each element has it’s own though energy field. All thoughts and processes connected to the atom is attached forever. This is the memory of elements, and therefore the memory in water.
The system of water in nature. There is a set model for this. The primary element for all spices is the hydrogen atom. Secondary is the other hydrogen which is the storage. And the oxygen atom is spices security. Every human in nature spirit is attached to the first hydrogen. Your higher self is the other hydrogen. The oxygen atom is the gate to all thought within the human spices security. All thoughts we have are connected as a system of memory.
The way I found this information was being connected to the two models. Our three dimensional space, and the other the dimension of thought. I arrived at this by moving on light, but in the reversed direction, the gate to the thought dimension energy.
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Ian Lightryder

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