Science is Wrong

I am a 67 year old High School Graduate with many years of hours in research. Magnetism and gravity were my original targets to study. By 1970 I realized Science had gotten off track with understanding both these subjects.

Mr. Einstein was on the right track but was diverted by his intellectual buddies who were delving into quantum physics. This branch of Science is fascinating but it was started wrong so they may never finish right!

The Quantum world can’t be properly explained without finishing the work Mr. Einstein tried to explain to them. That being that, through my observance of his Science, that first and foremost God has to be recognized as whom He says He is: “Our Creator”. This is the first thing God teaches us in “His Book”, The Holy Bible, but Science refuses to learn the “first thing” about God.

Secondly Mr. Einstein tried to explain what he saw in God’s Creation, that being, the relationship of the “Scales” of God’s Creation. God’s “Scales are: Black Holes to stars and planets, atoms to electrons, and sub-atomic particles to sub sub-atomic particles. The next step back that they chased Mr. Einstein off of was Quantum particles; Sub sub-atomic particles to “Creation Particles”!

Please; I am not claiming to be an Einstein, I’m by Science’s standards a nobody and that’s OK. I have learned that at my level of formal education information that I may develop is socially unacceptable for Physics to discuss. They wouldn’t even talk Science with me. That’s OK too. But since God let me study His Creation of His Universe, to see His Creation method and its outcome I decided to write it down.

My gleanings of God’s Word alone with my scientific studies, as of today, have produced 3 books on Creation, “God’s Creation Particles”, “Creation’s First Two Minutes”, and “Black Holes from Plasma Rivers”. My next book “God’s Time” is a free offspring book of my orginal book’s time line development, but I do charge 20 dollars per set for the other three books.

I will, with your permission, through this site, blog my interest in finding a physics to run the math on my God’s Creation Theory which would put it into scientific terminology. I am not asking anyone to accept my theories or change one of their beliefs but only to put the math to it. The new math will speak for itself.

May I say quite candidly that at 67 acceptance would be nice but isn’t desirable to me. My little time left is too important to me. My calculations, though limited, indicate I am on the right track and can see answers to help Science get that correct start one must have to be able to finish right!

Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to some truthful responses. Please use my e-mail reply on my web site for response. www.troxlerproductions.com or [email protected].
Kenneth H. Troxler

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