Future of Theoretical Physics

The CERN particle accelerator gained headlines when it came online last year but after that moment it has momentarily fallen of the public radar. And for the obvious reason: the experiment is a failure. Almost all the magnets installed in the collider have malfunctioned and it would take years and billions in dollars before the accelerator can return to its expected energy boost. The failure will jeopardize many careers and also prove that the soon-to-be physicists should reconsider their career choice. Due to the dormant nature of the present day theoretical physics one can assume that the future physicist will cope with obscurity and lack of scientific stature. Now I am thinking of a career in physics and these two things are of no importance to me. But they might be to the people who desire to live a luxurious life and do physics—the two most incompatible things besides relativity and quantum mechanics of course.

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