U.S. gov’t buys biggest ever solid-state RAM disk

The US government has just bought the world’s biggest ever solid state disk, a 2.5TB system that is roughly 10,000 times the size of the RAM in a typical PC. The unnamed government agency will reportedly use the device in searching enormous databases, such as those maintained by the NSA and other three-letter security and intelligence organizations.From Texas Memory System:Record Solid State Disk Sale by Texas Memory Systems

2.5 Terabyte Tera-RamSan Storage Installation Accelerates Applications


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HOUSTON, TEXAS, March 9, 2004 – Texas Memory Systems, Inc., manufacturer of the World’s Fastest Storage?, announced the world’s largest single installation of a solid state disk storage system. Texas Memory System’s OEM, Dynamic Solutions International, which has over 18 years of experience delivering solid state disk solutions to the Enterprise, installed a 2.5 Terabyte Tera-RamSan at a customer site to accelerate critical database applications, metadata and to maintain a technological edge. The customer, who asked to not be identified, requires continuous and immediate access to data that can only be delivered using the latest solid state disk technology from Texas Memory Systems.

“Three recent trends in networked storage are converging to help solid-state disk storage finally gain significant traction in the mainstream datacenter,” said David Freund, lead analyst for information logistics at Illuminata, Inc. in Nashua, NH . “First, new ‘classes’ of storage are entering the mainstream, such as Serial-ATA based storage arrays to store infrequently-accessed or archival data, freeing up more-expensive midrange and high-end storage for more-frequently accessed data. As this “tiered” storage-class model becomes the norm, customer acceptance of another class-such as an extremely fast SSD-will become easier.”

“Second, storage-management products are coming to market that automatically migrate data from one storage device to another, based on customer-defined rules-a natural fit for tiered storage. Such products can also mitigate the manual data movement and tuning that’s been associated with SSDs-and factored in as part of their already-high cost,” Freund added.

“Third, storage-virtualization products that create “logical” disk volumes-in effect, emulating disk drives as far as the attached servers are concerned and dispatching I/O transparently to physical devices on a storage network-have started shipping,” Freund continued. “By hiding the physical detail of what data is being stored where, virtualization can make the use of SSDs transparent to applications.”

“If all three trends hold-and the products sold live up to the promises made-then solid-state disk will break out of its current niches and become attractive to a much broader range of customers,” Freund said.

“This is a momentous installation that enables the client to take advantage of the latest advances in solid state disk technology,” said Holly Frost, CEO of Texas Memory Systems. “The lower pricing and unique features in the Tera-RamSan meet the market’s increasing need for speed. I believe we will see even greater deployment of terabyte-plus solid state disks for demanding organizations who assess the Total Cost of Ownership of the entire solution.”

“Our customers demand high returns on their IT investments,” said Chris Johnson, Vice President of Storage Systems for Dynamic Solutions International. “Solid state disks enable companies to stretch IT budgets by increasing productivity without spending more on new servers or upgrades and the incremental costs of associated with managing them.”

About Texas Memory Systems: Since 1978, Texas Memory Systems has designed, manufactured, and marketed the fastest storage subsystems available. Texas Memory Systems provides solutions that offer the best value and highest performance available in the solid state disk and digital signal processing markets. More information is available at www.texmemsys.com or by calling 713-266-3200.

About Dynamic Solutions International: Dynamic Solutions International has been providing storage solutions for mission critical applications since 1973. Dynamic Solutions International designs and supports storage systems to meet the changing needs of today’s complex computing environments. More information is available at www.dynamicsolutions.com or by calling 303-754-2000.

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