The Origin of Natural Structure

Introduction: Hope of Recovery from the Global Crisis

The year of 2008 is one of the most important moments in human history, during which the rare global financial and economic crisis broke out. President Obama attributed the origin of the crisis to the greed of human nature. Then, where is the hope of saving mankind? Human history tells us that the hope comes from the important astronomical discoveries.

Five hundred years ago, human productivity was limited and people were not capable to efficiently overcome hunger, disease, natural disasters and other difficulties. However, an important astronomical discovery laid the foundation for the development of modern science and started the great history of material production. This important astronomical discovery is the three laws of solar planetary motion discovered by the astronomer Kepler. The foundational theory of modern natural science, namely, Newton’s mechanics and calculus, was achieved to explain Kepler’s laws. The core result of Newton theory is the law of universal gravitation.

Five hundred years later, the development of material civilization seems to be no problem, but the development of spiritual civilization encounters huge trouble. The financial and economic crisis is the example. Human needs more important and profound astronomical discovery. Newton’s law of gravity is not a universal theory. First, it does not apply to the gravitational interaction among three or more free objects. When applied to many-body free motion, the theory gives chaotic outcome. But the natural world is not chaotic, instead it is orderly. Galaxies are the demonstration of orderly structures. Second, Newton’s law of gravity is confirmed only in the local frame of reference. Human physical measurements are based on either the local earth reference frame or the local reference frame of the sun. As for such global reference frame defined by a galaxy which is composed of many similar free objects (stars), humans can not make any direct physical experiment to verify Newton’s law of universal gravitation.

With vivid language expression we may say that Newton’s law of gravity is the local matriarchal order. However, we do not know if there exists the global matriarchal order of gravity or the patriarchal order which accompanies matriarchal one.

We pioneered the study on galaxy patterns (galaxy structures) in 2003 and proved that the global matriarchal and patriarchal orders do exist. Galaxies result from the orders. If universally accepted, our results will bring about the second-stage development of human civilization.

Our findings in a series of five papers have been published on the important mainstream academic journal “Astrophysics and Space Science” [1-5]. Dr. He’s PhD dissertation [6] is also based on the findings. The defense committee of the dissertation was composed of two professors in mathematics, two professors in theoretical physics, and two professors in astronomy from the University of Alabama.

Our findings mean that the material distribution of the universe is not arbitrary, but comply with specific order. Our explanation to galaxy structures is that the densities of materials (stars) are distributed proportionally along the directions of orthogonal curves. Such structure is called proportion structure or matriarchal structure or matriarchal order. In spiral galaxies there exists also such structure of disturbing waves which destroy the proportion structure. The waves are called patriarchal structure or patriarchal order. The main structure of any spiral galaxy is an exponential disk which is a matriarchal structure and is circularly symmetric about the galaxy center. Other structures such as bars or arms are added to the disk, which are weak structures.

We present nine miraculous results to sum up our findings. These show that our findings can not be wrong.

Miracle A: The exponential disk of any spiral galaxy is a matriarchal structure which is circularly symmetric about the galaxy center. Mathematical calculation indicates that the proportion curves of the matriarchal structure are equiangular spirals which are observationally the curves represented by normal spiral galaxy arms.

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