New Gravity – Redefining our perception

Here’s an interesting view – There is no such thing as gravity! While that seems absurd (everyone knows and experiences gravity 24/7) the truth is that we observe “a behavior” which we have defined as gravity. When I drop a ball, it falls to earth, but is it actually being attracted to earth? Is there actually a force pulling the 2 masses toward each other?
When I light a match is there a force that pushes the heat away from the head of the match? No. We know the match head will eventually get cooler and the heat will dissipate. We describe this behavior as complying with the second law of thermodynamics – entropy (seeking equilibrium). Equally, an ice cube eventually melts and the water heats to room temperature.
This phenomenon is the primary force of the universe and the origin of the force we call gravity. To get to this conclusion we need to roll back the clock to the beginning of our known universe – The big bang. Who knows what started the whole thing off, but we now have a pretty good idea as to the sequence of events that shaped our present universe. (We’ve worked it backwards).
In the beginning there was what I call vacuous space. It was in equilibrium. There was no matter and no energy. Then came the big bang. A sea of liquid “plasma” energy. There was no matter, just hot, dense liquid energy in “vacuous” space.
This energy immediately began filling the vacuous space. (We have no experience with void space. It only exists at the outer boundary of the expanding universe). The only concept I can imagine is that of a tornado. A tornado spinning so fast that the center becomes totally void of everything. No matter, no energy. However, once energy is drawn into the tornado’s vortex, it’s filled. This is the process that takes place as the universe expands and fills vacuous space.
This rapid expansion caused the density and temperature of the liquid energy universe to drop until the liquid energy began “a phase change”. Solid energy in the form of neutrons and charge coupled protons/electrons precipitated from the liquid energy. Eventually the temperature of the energy plasma dropped below the transition temperature. At this point all of the solid energy (neutrons and protons/electrons) had been formed.
Here’s where it gets interesting. The universe began as liquid energy then transitioned into solid energy and “gaseous” energy.
The universe continued to expand filling the vacuous space with “gaseous” energy and solid energy which we call matter. Because solid and gaseous energy are the same thing they can’t occupy the same space at the same time. The “gaseous” form of energy surrounds and pushes (uniformly) on neutrons and protons. Gravity is caused by the “shadowing” effect of the non-solid energy (which fills the universe) pushing against the solid neutrons and protons.
The math is exactly the same. The vector forces are identical. The only difference is that it’s not an attractive force; it’s the sum of forces “pushing” neutrons and protons toward each other. This is why the more neutrons and protons, the greater the gravitational force.

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