Magnetism, Gravity, and Energy

Magnetism, Gravity, and Energy
Would you like to look at magnetism, gravity and energy from another perspective? Let’s first look at “Energy” because this is what we credit for the power of magnetism and gravity. I am a firm believer who sees no proof of “energy” as some unknown source of power we apply to almost any situation or circumstance involving power. We just call all this unknown power “energy”. Well there are no free rides that I can see in our universe and that includes “energy”. Power is a force applied by matter onto or into other matter. Power is a product of heat transfer, either way.

Power is applied through the exchange of photons, superheated or desuperheated. They may be our superheated photons which are particles with mass and a charge. They may be desuperheated photons; you know; these are what we see as snow on our oscilloscopes. These photon particles didn’t go away when they gave up their superheat they only phase changed.

Photons compose all matter. I understand we have only been able to see the shadow of a photon. So a desuperheated photon may be 2000 times smaller than a superheated photon; as a water molecule is to a superheated steam molecule. Now that is small. Science says if we can’t see it we can’t consider in our calculations. Then magnify our oscilloscopes by about 2000!

Why is sight the only immovable criteria for discovery?

Has anyone ever seen energy or its shadow? No; because there is no such thing! We started with God empowering “Creation Particles” which formed Creation Photons that have coalesced by magnetic attraction to produce everything. Every photon is a permanent magnet! This is a subject for another “TIME” for our first 2 minutes of God’s Creation.
Some small desuperheated photons, Trox, are the particles that compose magnetic flux! Some larger desuperheated photons, Lers, are the particles that compose gravity flux.

The following is an excerpt from a paper I did on photons.

A brief explanation of magnetic flux and gravity flux particles flows and power sources are as follows. Magnetic flux is composed of particles, small desuperheated photons I call Trox. These flux particles are the field material of magnetic compounds. Their field orbits are established by the cell structure of the compound’s atoms cell structure which propels the particles through its infrastructure.

There are both positive and negative flux particles. The positive particles enter the atoms cell structure of the compound at its South Pole. The positive particles are then accelerated through the atoms of the compound to an exit point on the North Pole of the compound. The opposite track is followed by the negative flux particles.

The gravity particles are composed of large desuperheated photons I call Lers. These particles, like the Trox, are half positive and half negative and enter the atoms cell structure of the mass they support at their opposite charge pole and are accelerated through the mass to exit at the other pole.

The big difference in the gravity flux particles and their counterpart the magnetic flux particle is their physical size and the size of the atoms through which they are accelerated. Their basic function is the same.

Science does not recognize gravity flux as particles because of their small size. They do not understand their size verses the job they perform in the universe. Can you recognize their volume as what we call black matter? Or do you recognize magnetic flux by its smaller size as dark energy?

Science says our gravity field is week because they only see a small effect on small masses. This is because of the flow in both directions only shows the decelerating leaving particles power verses the accelerating entering particles power. Both the + and – particles or at work controlling any and all masses in their fields.

Both gravity and magnetic flux fields accomplish the following. Try stacking gasses onto a planet and holding them there. Calculate the force needed to hold that furthers star in our galaxy in orbit. Then calculate how long and how much power it took to plane it out to its neutral position to the flux particles forces balance point which is in line with our black holes equator! The balance point is where the flux particles forward power is equal.

Have you tried pulling two hydrogen positive protons apart? You can’t because they are held together by their magnetic fields through the negative neutron. It’s not glue holding them together its magnetism! No; gravity is not week but it is the strongest force in the universe. Its power is only reviled by magnetic flux particles power. The same power at a smaller scale!
Remember back in July when by accident Science Blog posted my Blogging request as a Blog? My request was not produced for public consumption but be that as it may I then mentioned “Scales”. This gravity and magnetism provide the “Power” to maintain them.

K. H. Troxler

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