A new “artificial pancreas” – Gospel for diabetics

A new “artificial pancreas”
– Gospel for diabetics
A new “artificial pancreas” called portable intelligent insulin Therapeutic Apparatus is invented by research team from Beijing Junyanyuan Technology Co., Ltd. after years of research and a major breakthrough. This portable intelligent insulin Therapeutic Apparatus is multi-functioned by detection, monitor and treatment. It includes an integrated blood glucose monitor, an insulin infusion device, protocols as well as devices that can implement humanized and personal human-computer interaction. This Therapeutic Apparatus can monitor body glucose automatically and real-time and inject right amount of insulin into human body to ensure a healthy blood glucose maintaining at the desired level.
Hybrid Monomer model of traditional insulin pump’s (such as “Minimed” insulin pump–USA product) deficiency is that it can neither automatically and real-time monitor blood glucose of human body which changes randomly, nor add the right amount of insulin timely and effectively, thus it can not fully meet the patient’s needs for health and treatment. Not mention the high price. The research team achieved a major breakthrough against these technical difficulties that makes China meet or exceed the current international level of diabetes treatment with simple operation, high reliability and reasonable price.
The portable intelligent insulin Therapeutic Apparatus has been adopted by animal experiments and the company is now in the process of certificating new medical equipment products from the relevant state departments. It will be put into mass production in the near future.

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