Rain Rain and more Rain

I dont know what is more bi polar than Georgia’s weather. Yesterday was such a nice day a great day for a run. Today I woke up to the rain falling on my window. Dont get me wrong I like the rain but I just dont want to run in it today.

While I have to deal with this wet run. The plants outside are getting their daily supply of water from
rain that has been recycled throughout the environment. We all know how it goes we all learned the water cycle back in grade school. It rains then the water sits on the ground and goes back to the sky, yup that is the water cycle. There is so much more to this water than just simply falling on the ground.

Water created by the polarity of the Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules. I use water everyday, brushing my teeth even had some in the salad I had that was pretty much just lettuce. Good lettuce might I add enough to give me a light fulling lunch that hopefully wont effect my runnning today.

Lettuce a temperate annual or biennial plant with no calories unitl I choose to add the dressing is mostly made in China.
Well I’m running out of time because practice is about to start so i’ll pick up on the lettuce next time.


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