Morgellons article at NIH: It took 15 years to produce this?

A case study has been posted at the NIH site located at:


Although it is something…a crumb in comparison to what so many others have already discovered, I don’t understand why the limited amount of data took over 15 years to produce. Morgellons was discussed in public forums long before 2002. I accessed the original monitoring site in 1998. It went by the name “NUSPA” or National Unidentified Skin Parasite Association. See the way back archives for verification:


I am stunned by the sheer insanity of it all. They can identify the virus that killed all the Mexicans a few months back, they can blow craters on the moon, they can send Rover to Mars, they can do it all….yet, they side-step Morgellons? They create numerous sites to monitor the fallout; they set up debunking sites that contribute significantly to the nightmare the victims are already enduring – they do everything in their power to discredit us, and on and on. It is pathetic. Is everyone so blind they can’t recognize the hack/scam job perpetuated upon innocent human beings?

Again, I post Jan Smith’s magnificant works for your viewing pleasure. The fiber/filaments as described on the NIH site can be viewed in all their glory here:


What do you think these fiber balls are? They weave themselves in and through tissue. The smaller, inmature versions fly out of the skin, hang on the edges of the nostrils twirling, and cause a very aggravating sensation. The same, deep in the ear canals move and twist also causing insane aggitation. The photos presented at Jan’s site are identical to all other victims’ photos of the organisms. Some were taken from victims in other countries. SAME. Capiche?? The scarring this freak causes is horrific. Dark lines on the face, which follow the lymph medians and blatant white scars on the forearms. The pigment has disappeared. ?

A poster from Lymebusters had some very astute and provoking thoughts regarding the NIH paper. Please take a look. It resounds what many of us who have this are thinking. Located here:


So how many years do we wait before a “credible” scientist unlocks the meaning of the mysterious polymer filaments that multiply within us? Self-assembling, no doubt. Quite a fright ~ if it was your body. Isn’t anyone even curious? And the symetrical artificial cells found by Carnicom’s group? Anyone care to assist in the identification of those? And these people are going to find a cure for cancer? Ah…let me see…DoD grants? DARPA grants? Guess ya gotta be in the right place at the right time to make it worth your while. I’m just trying to justify the complete lack of credibility the scientific community has brought on itself. And one last meandering and nagging gut instinct that I can not seem to dispose of; might this be related to the swine flu pandemic or maybe the integrated triage system to be implemented along side the vaccinations? A pre-forming of scaffolding in vivo to act as a body sensor system? http://www.verichipcorp.com/pdfs/SENSORwhite07.pdf Wires in the brain firing neurons when tripped with blue laser light? The applications are no longer twighlight zone material. They are realities. I am pondering many possibilities, none of which are any more outlandish than this network throughout my body. What if the integration was perfected in the general population and an unexpected rejection occurred in a small subpopulation? Keeping it top secret would explain why no one will step up to the plate. Speculations and conjectures abound. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts.


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