Carnival! Carnival! Submissions to the 123rd Skeptics’ Circle

Ladies and Gentlemen! Carnival Season is upon us, or rather: carnival season is upon Blue-Genes.net. For the uninitiated: the Skeptics’ Circle is an ancient (by intertube standards) rite where the cleverest clogs in the world get together fortnightly to share their thoughts on many issues that have become clouded by poor logic, bias, and silliness.

Subscribe to Blue-Genes.netI mention this because Blue-Genes.net is hosting the 123rd meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle on November 5th it would be nice to see some new faces. So give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, but failing a surplus of dirty Irishmen: give me your posts.

There a few guidelines for what posts fall within the scope of the Skeptics’ Circle, which can be found here along with other information about the carnival, but they’re fairly common sense. Any post where skepticism and logic are applied is welcome, as long as it’s not too political. We’re trying to create an atmosphere of reason here. Check out the latest installment at Young Australian Skeptics for some idea of what we’re looking for.

As regular readers will know, every Skeptics’ Circle seems to have a clever theme. I will consult with the Blue-Genes team, but any suggestions will be more than welcome.


The 123rd Skeptics’ Circle is now published on Blue-Genes.net. Visit. Enjoy. Think.

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