The Biggest Joke in the Universe

So we humans think we’ve figured it all out do we? Well as far as I can see there’s a virtual stagnation in our advancement. Why? Because humans are idiots. We may think we have all the answers but the truth is we don’t even have a fraction of the answers. It took a supposed genius to tell us that when you throw something up it comes back down. We retain this ridiculous notion that we are the best the universe has to offer. That alone is proof that we are not. Our scientific study borderlines religious nonsense and we may as well go back to attributing natural occurrences to magic. While this may be stupid at least it’s consistent and much more flexible than our so called laws of physics. We as humans have embraced the “If I can’t see, hear, touch, taste, smell or feel it…it doesn’t exist” . Our scientific method, while somewhat successful so far, is laughable. For example we shall never prove the existence of Dark Matter since we cannot detect it. For that matter however the only proof we have of the existence of gravity is it’s effect. The laws of physics should not be laws at all. They are standard GUIDELINES!! They should not be presented as a priest would bellow religion to an enthralled audience of church goers. They should be utilized in normal circumstances and discarded in instances where they do not apply. One of our largest misconceptions is of our minds. Do scientist truly believe that our consciousness is created by our miniscule brain? Our brain is like that of a computers CPU. The parts themselves do not generate information it channels electricity for a specific purpose. Likewise our brains components do not generate thought and to think this is the case is absurd. Our brains are a medium through which our thoughts flow. Is it a coincidence that our brains are semi-electrical in function? Electricity is a very flexible type of energy that can produce heat and light as well. Unified Field Theory perhaps? How could that be? We can detect every type of energy and all of it’s properties and functions right? We also have solid proof that there is no relation among different energy wavelengths. Mock my sarcasm all you want but this is the attitude science has now adopted arrogance and close mindedness. Indeed the more we learn the less we know but this is the nature of growth. Evolution of our awareness should dictate that the more we know the more we should realize how much we do not know. What we should not do is impede ourselves by stubbornly holding onto ideas that have become obsolete. This is akin to focusing on blinking. Our current scientific knowledge should serve as a foundation upon which to build further knowledge not hinder it. If there are any who truly wish to explore this respond and I will explain in greater detail. If you disagree prepare to explain why logically. For those who don’t want to face the truth just do what science has done for decades and ignore what is staring you in the face. Look how much good that’s done so far. If you’re content with miniscule advances such as cell phones, fax machines, and plasma screen television so be it, but if you want to evolve beyond our current trappings I implore you to push ahead and discover. Our lives ( thanks to inferior science ) are far too short to die not knowing.
Thank you for your time.

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