When I run I Trip a lot

Well if you havent guessed it I’m a runner and I enjoy running in the woods and on trails. If not your not use to runnin on trails its very easy to trip and fall. I’ve been running for years and I still trip and fall sometimes. What are you tripping over most of the time ?

The anchor of the plant. what stores food for the plant may mean a nice bruise for you.
The root is of great importance to the plant not only does it store the food but it, synthesizes some hormones
conducts food, hormones, water, ions. Not all roots are found under the ground otherwise I wouldnt be tripping as much. The depths of roots depends on three things moisture, temperature, and soul compostion. Moisture in soil allows plants to survive better in drought situations. The temperature doesnt just effect the depth of the root but also the growth of the root. The soil compostion
also affects the root growth. But lucky for the plant it’s root hairs do not become damaged because of the root cap and secretion as it deals with the soil compostion. The root tip pushs through the soil by growth in the region of cell divison. Well thats enough about roots I have to go catch practice. Hopefully these anchors wont trip me today

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