The 123rd Congregation of the Skeptics’ Circle

The latest Skeptics’ Circle is finally here, written by yours truly! By way of a teaser, I’ll relay the first few words. *Hypnotic voice* As you read them you can feel the need to find out more rise up within you…breathe deeply…relax…and follow the link.

Academician: Welcome, one and all, to the 123rd meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle. Hat tip to one of the most important men ever to stand up and say ‘Er…hang on’ for tonight’s theme…

Head on over to Blue-Genes.net to find out more. We have an excellent cast including James Cole, several posts from Skeptic North and Richard Hughes from Young Aus Skeptics, covering topics from the H1N1 vaccine and prayer-healing to the Bald-Faced Bubul and hiking in the mountaints. Read the carnival, follow the links, and subscribe to interesting new skeptics!

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