Truth and myth

God created mankind to Alhanifip, faith and truth in the same out of all human beings, it creates Maftora the truth, know the truth and falsehood, aligned to the right, realization of the right muse, the battle of good and evil, it’s all instinct at the origin of all human beings.

Even our myths speak so Vdrakula is the counterpart to the image of Pharaoh, which absorbs the blood of peoples, enslaved and turns them into monsters like him against humanity or the pygmies and Omsak enslaved or to the yard.
How the image of Pharaoh’s repeated throughout history.
Livni Dracula light of day, the light shining strong light of truth, and fight the power of faith and the word of God Almighty.

And Almstizpin and to grapple with the vampire people are not looking only at high in the ground for a class or to national pride or without the principle of Sami and recognition of the fact.

Monsters and ogres as well as the image of evil in man, while departing from the humanity.

All these forms of evil in our myths aimed at humans, and humans in these myths are the image that lie ahead for good, peace and nature optimal.

And (Alice in Wonderland), Sousse tell from the depth of our thoughts, our desires in some way for the Commission on our home and our home I promised God willing.
And the myth of paradise lost: the city that sank beneath the sea and lost, and the city of Plato’s utopia with values, ideals and life Alohdy Aloqom, and even (Iram of the Pillars, which was not created like in the country) said that its founder returned Shaddad Ben was fond of Paradise which he read about in old books, was that city in response to the sound of the depth of his dreams.

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