Happy, look for a warm person to cross all one’s life

Happy, look for a warm person to cross all one’s life. Today, I wanted to tell all persons in the world very much suddenly, treasured, treasured the person who loves you, treasure and protect you all the time at your side, has been treating you as the person of the treasure all the time. That person is really very precious. When he is at your side, you did not know you really love him, even thought love that oneself got was all natural, seldom realize his importance, sometimes lose the temper with his wilfulness and him, sometimes will feel tired, sometimes will think that lack passion, but as you have no him to chatter at your side, nobody is in charge of you, when nobody minds your illness, found suddenly, lost, that oneself has been actually the favourite all the time. The love is a permanent seasaw battle, know each other from us to knowing each other, then the one that loved each other is on the way, put very long seasaw battle of the next battle line. There aren’t two 20 years the mixed person will unavoidably quarrel together, will disagree. We an organic whole originally, stay because of liking just, like actually can not solve all problem right awaying. All too strong because of our individual characters, that like is actually oneself even more, so, do not always stop disputing, always after and the other side is noisy, find one’s own wilfulness, but the unavoidable wilfulness next time.
If sell regret in this world, I believe everybody hopes to have, can eat a medicine after each quarrel, cold war, all is forgotten, resume. What a pity, there is not this kind of medicine, and even if have, always take and regret medicines will produce the resistance to the action of a drug, each quarrel leaves a little injury, take care of the pence,and the pounds will take care of themselves, will become your burden and his trouble. No one will remember small quarrel in the heart, but three times two times? Where are a lot times? All quarrel always have one day, will break out to turning a grievance finally.
We like, it is very serious for me not to believe, for a long time losing that have perhaps, but remember can indistinct so far have a pain. Because once he to leave you and finally from whom you take away unexpectedly more more equally he, unusual justice. Did not just know and treasure originally who nobody owes. Perhaps you will say, was not treasured by me last time, I will certainly do well, will certainly treasure! But how to treasure?
Lover of you, whom you want diligently go, realize, go clear heart of him, go, think he what does it need on earth, when you thought what he needs, you have already received his respect. Your lover, you will protect diligently, not because he is better than you or a big man, think you can protect him, your love strengthen more than any encouragement right away, you are enough to protect the person who you love. Lover of you, whom you take diligently go, treasure he, he every little bit that you make, not merely express gratitude to him, should bear in mind, often thinking about him. Can put down the bad temper that face stand you in order to love you, is used to you and his totally different habit, go to look after your time and law, all because he likes paying.
Before you lose the temper, please inhale first, deeply breathe 5 times, then the long one feels elated and exultant for 5 times. Then speak. As you have complaints about him at problematic time, there is no harm in writing a letter and tell him, believe you during the process of writing a letter, oneself has been already gentle first, the originally gloomy mood has already been relieved. Sometimes it write letter oneself on already not angry. Write a letter, need word need, think, let you to be getting calm first. Come, communicate with letter like this, little conflict of speech, getting many some communication, will let problem of you until rational way solve most, can in order to quarrel over or cold war come on to replace and then.
Might as well tell him your idea directly when you are hurt and wronged, let him know your true idea, you actually want to do it in this way, how to do you actually need him. Don’t always let him guess your attention, because it is actually really very difficult for your attention to guess. Do not have the sixth sense interflowed of that kind between all persons loving it. If he guess attention of you don’t angry either, because you know he guess attention of you what brain cell does it waste soon either actually.
You might as well tell him your worry first when being sad, perhaps he does not have a good method, but the person that you love is sure to give you comfort at least. Sometimes he can getting more direct very tell because you have the getting wrong, be the angry either, he fine for you, he only stands on the angle looking on giving you a guidance, perhaps you will think his method is very good after you cool down, even if it will be not feasible to make allowances for his attention. Conversely, will care about him soon while finding him a bit little and wrong, will pay attention to his brow, pay attention to his mood. Go to understand him, even if can’t understand that attempt to understand.
Might as well tell him your decision before you make decision, this is behavior of respecting him. He will agree to perhaps, but it is but gratified for respect of you to be certain. If if just agree, congratulations, advance some of your happiness. And when he made the decision, did not need too much intervention, gave him space as many as possible. Believe me, though you are in love, but intact individual, so let he himself decide. Even if you do not agree to, don’t tell he until he a face with and excited either, let’s encourage him! The more mild and more roundabout one gives him some opinions. It have looked down upon you when facing the suffering,either don’t because a one’s own one the gloomy and moving by crime at he. It is difficult for him, he faces the difficulty like you, he will look after your idea, in fact it is more difficult for him. Diligent with him, everything can be solved to believe you together. Don’t go, face difficulty alone, because nobody hope one’s own lover in the face of difficult alone, it is the same importance to spend together difficultly with enjoying the happiness, no matter what is faced, believe that wants two people to be together.
When you think your love have no passion, might as well examine oneself first, what have you done for you? Does it have your reason too that present and dull? How long have not you given a small present to him? How long do you kiss him for the sake of any? How long have not you chatted, had a heart-to-heart talk with him? How long have not you asked him to have a meal or see the film? Don’t think him to be enough to love you always, have in the past careful, love can ripe too, the love will grow up too, the unalterable love does not exist. Don’t care very much, don’t always calculate.
Might as well become quiet in the past thinking about you and him first when you faced luring. Once enticement and appeal that he was full of you too. Only so passionate as to retreat now. It is getting passionate that no one can’t be eternal, any emotion can’t have shooed away going down strongly all the time. It is calm that the enticement that you face now will even return one day in the future. Just like you and present lover. Moreover, if your lover faces such enticement, how do you hope he do? The ones that hope he made according to you do oneself.
Remember, all deeply breathe in advance, take your time, don’t be excited, two people’s thing, two people go to deal with.
We were born till now, had in fact never really learnt how to love, the meaning in which the experience of going through numerous hardships from reality and experience that were all the every little bit loved, it is not really for bragging about oneself that I write these, in fact I am a child not understanding the love either, in fact I want to tell and have happiness and happy siblings at one’s side now, treasure, protect, love your lover, before you have not lost him. Tell those to look for one’s own happy siblings walking on the way of looking for too, after finding, must treasure, protect, love your lover, before you have not lost him
Happy, look for a warm person to cross all one’s life. I wholehearted hope everybody have one’s own happiness!

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