*outdated”new”scientific discoveries and what they did and helped me to discover in my mind*

i can understand what i am taught or shown that has already been explained in most cases,but somethings i cannot find the answer to! I feel like all the logic behind; what we have, how we learned what we have about it, and why it can be a part of an everyday society: will be the basis 4 the; reasons, ideas, and fundamental logic; used to find answers to any and all the questions I come up with for myself based on my interest *N* SCIENCE&PHILOSOPHY! i have a mind of my owne/i know how it wurx and i will be satisfied by my own findings or 1{[Ii]} will not accept them! i will keep you updated! *

my model of a DNA with spherelike joints like bones of ATOM -LIKE-things is only an artistic intrest point from my mind, i thought would be good for art from my computer* and would show my desire to find new things in science and philosophy all on my own! an education in science cannot really teach a way to create new ideas though , i learned that ALL on my own!

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