Dark eyed/skinned child – two blue-eyed light-skin/hair parents

My husband Tom has black hair, dark brown eyes, and olive skin – he can get blackish brown when he gets tanned. His parents (or supposed parents) both have blue eyes – his dad Edward had white blonde hair as a child and his mom Mary had dirty blonde hair. Is this possible?? (I changed a couple of names to protect myself!)

My husband’s family had money (left by dad’s wealthy mom) – well, anyway I called the family’s attorney one day to ask questions regarding tax The secretary asked me who I was and I explained that I was Susie – and told her that Maria was Tom’s mom – and she said “oh, you mean grandmother” and I said “no, his mom” well, she corrected me again. I was astonished!!! To my knowledge, Mary was my husband’s mom.

Well, then she went on to explain that my husband’s mom & dad died in a car accident one day when they went to the mountains – their car went over the edge and they were killed. She told me she was the one who handled the case – she said my husband was only an infant when it happed. He was born November of 1953. I think she said his parents were in the local mountains, which would be San Bernardino, CA. so I am guessing they may have been in Big Bear.

My husband had a really bad temper – I was not going to tell him – out of fear! He was an only child and he and his mother had a very strained relationship – she never let him out of her sight. She also treated his dad with disrespect and contempt! She would not even share the same butter! Crazy huh??

I am guessing that someone was her son or daughter – I’m also thinking that maybe his dad said something like “oh, go ahead kids – enjoy your day” and now his mom hates him for it – just a guess though based on their relationship or lack of.

I cannot figure out which parent was the maternal side and which the fraternal in order for Tom to have brown eyes. Was the child a son or daughter of Mary?? Was the child a son or daughter of Edward??

My son (Tom’s son) confronted Maria about 15 years since I had the conversation with the secretary (who has since retired – and there is no way to contact her) – Mary denies it but did not even tell me about their conversation. I would have thought she would have at least asked me about it – but nothing – only silence.
That kind of tells me that it must be true.

One thing I forgot to mention – as soon as my son asked her about it – she took him into her room and showed him some papers that supposedly shows that Tom is her child – that is weird in itself??

I have no way of looking up info on a car crash from that time – I have no idea even where to start. I am very curious about the truth, as it is my children’s ancestry afterall!

My husband Tom and I had 2 boys, one with brown eyes and one with hazel. I and my parents all have blue eyes. One son is married – his wife has brown eyes – their child has brown eyes.

Any ideas????


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