Go Climb a tree

Well if your like me you live to be outside and just enjoy the outdoors. Well when I was young I enjoyed climbing trees and now that I’m older I still enjoy climbing trees haha. When your hanging on those branches or sitting on those branches you can care less about the cork your scraping off.
What is cork?
Cork is a secondry tissue that arises from the cork cambium and the cork cambuim itself arises fromt he cortex. The cortex known as a ground tissues is a product of the apical meristem that gives rise to the Protoderm, procambium(produces the phloem, xylem), and the ground meristerm that later on produces the cortex.
What makes this plant thick enough for you yo climb ?
The xylem is a layer of tissue that transport water throughout the plant it grows in layers in a plant towards the inside. The phloem acts in the same way but grows to the outside. The phloem conducts the transportation of food throughtout the plant. The xylem and phloem growing together add thickness to the plant

So now that you know more about trees go ahead and enjoy the outdoors and climb a tree. Well you might want to wait till tomorrow or the day after because its pretty wet lol

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