Have you ever been on one of those long drives through the country. You know what I’m talkin about not much to look at but the trees on the side and the cars beside you and of course the road. haha got to be safe. I seem to enjoy these drives the best when it’s fall. Why is that you ask ? Well it’s cause the trees look nice at this time of the year(fall) when they are changing colors and falling on the ground. Maybe thats why they call it fall. Fall is my favorite time of the year cross country, the nice weather and pretty leaves falling just a great time to be outside.
Well it is the ethylene in the plants that are causing this. Ethylene promotes abscission and triggers enzymes that cause cell wall dissolution. But just because the plant is losing a leaf its not goin to be wasteful. The plant’s shoot takes back the leaf’s useful material.
What causes plants to change colors?
The color-leaf pigments, length of night, and the weather are the reason for the changing in colors.
so enjoy the scenery proivde by these pretty leaves


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