JMHeal Online From An IT Entrepreneur in Bangalore

Managing Clinical Practice using JMHeal Online – From An IT Entrepreneur In Bangalore
Jagmah Software System ( launches first in the series of our innovative offerings in the health care segment – JMHeal Online for doctors ( Very soon the company will be launching the JMHeal Online for Patients (common people) as well…thanks a lot for reading this and browsing / recommending the application as appropriate!
This budding IT company is the brainchild of mine…and we, at Jagmah, feel excited to announce the Beta 1 release of our flagship web-based application JMHeal for the doctors (health care providers) and common people – who receive the healthcare related services from the doctors. And very soon we will be announcing the launch of the compatible services for their clients (i.e. patients) as well.

This online service is packed with many features which enable the doctors to do their private clinical practice – very optimally & efficiently…! Being on this web enabled application, the doctors virtually have their clinic and the patients and their records anywhere…as they move. All the information they need – about their clinic, patients, appointments, prescriptions, diagnosis, trends and on and on – is just few mouse clicks away!

This application almost eliminates the need of holding piles of information in form of documentation – from both the side’s viz. doctors and their patients.

To know more about JMHeal from Jagmah, please visit t –

You can register yourself as the Health Care Provider/Doctor by either clicking the given link at the top of our website’s home page OR directly pasting following URL (web link) in your Internet Explorer/Safari Browser’s address bar

From here you can register yourself and start exploring the featured packed offerings from us. We appreciate you sharing this with your friends and colleagues who may wish to have a feel and experience of this web based service!

Please feel free to express your critical views on the quality of this product, its short comings or need of more and better features- as your criticism will help us in improving the quality of our product and that enhancing the customer’s experience. You will be able to report us the issues encountered while browsing this application or just your suggestions to us from your home page.

Many many thanks for spending few moments in reading this note and talking about the among your best friends, family and colleauges…!

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