Quantum Origin of Human Body

Einstein’s personal life did not contradict the following facts.

First,if Einstein stood on the ground, the ground gave him supporting force in balance of the Earth’s gravity. Therefore, his cells suffered the force of pressure from each other from bottom to top. The cells of astronauts in International Space Station, however, suffer no such pressure. Therefore, the astronauts suffer a 22% blood volume decrease or loss within 2 to 3 days. Muscle atrophy occurs at 5% per week. Bone atrophy occurs at 1% per month. Remember, our bodies were developed within the earth’s gravity field, our muscles are needed to counter gravity. In space, we no longer need our muscles,so the brain starts to optimize the body by getting rid of what it doesn’t need.

Second, Mach Principle presents the absolute universe. For example, when Einstein stood on the ground and relaxed, his arms fell down naturally. However, if he rotated his body then his arms were lifted up as the rotation was faster and faster. Mach principle is that the matter of the whole universe can affect local dynamic systems. That is, the matter of the whole universe sets up the local absolute reference frames.

However, Einstein’s general theory of relativity is against the absolute reference frames of Mach Principle and can not explain the origin of life. Therefore, relativity is not a religion and Einstein can not be considered a god!


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