God and Relativity..

I am about to write to you about a bizarre thought that occurred to me today. I will forwarn you and I am not religious. But I have a belief that regardless of what you consider God to be, God exists and helped shape our universe as it was created. I don’t consider this a religious discussion, but one of odds. The odds of everything in the universe falling into just the right place to cause galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets, life in general randomly are so outrageously extreme, that I refuse to believe we are all just random creations. If nothing shaped and guided our creation, none of us existing, evolving, living make one lick of sense.

That having been said, I have been trying to wrap my mind around relativity, and if you look at past posts of mine, you’ll see I’ve been bantering back and forth with Fred.

To quickly summarize what I have been trying to figure out, and what Fred has to extent been discussing with me is either the proof or the busting of Relativity as a theory.

I started thinking about the movement of everything in the universe and how it might affect Relativity. The stumbling block that Fred and I can’t seem to get around is in talking about frames of reference defining an original spot the universe started in, or an inertial frame reference or priveleged frame of reference.

Now Einstein Claims that it can’t exist for his theory to work. But that makes no sense to me. In fact, I could almost swear it would HAVE to exist for his theory to fully work. Without a beginning, its impossible to properly guage a beginning, middle and end.

Here is what I started also thinking about. Most of the time, when we do experiments in the viewpoint of an observer. We talk about someone standing still while watching something moving. The thing I started to think about is that that might be the wrong observer. At least, if you are comparing a still object to a moving object. The observer is someone outside of the frame of reference. In other words, If something happens on the earth, relativity has to be calculated from the sun.. Because that is our solar system’s observer. It stays still while everything else in the solar system moves. If something happens on anywhere in our solar system that it is happening relative to the sun. If an object leaves the earth at light speed and comes back again, the distance between the object and the earth isn’t important. The distance between the object and the sun is. Or the round trip distances between the object and the sun. Why? Because anything that moves within the solar system moves relative to the sun. Any other existing frames of reference are less relevant because the amount of gravity they apply to the object is probably a much shorter range than the sun, and not as powerful as the full gravity well of the sun. When something moves near a planet, the gravity well of that planet probably adds a small amount of gravity in addition to the sun. And in some cases, may fight the suns gravity field a little bit.

For the Galaxy, everything that rotates around its center is moving, and the center is still. So the center is the observer of the galaxy.

Now here comes the big one that Fred and I keep disagreeing about. If the galaxy moves, at some point it must have started moving. What ever point in space it is moving from is absolutely still. This might or might not be the center of the universe. But if I am right, its an absolute frame of reference. If Fred and Einstein are right, its not and even further, can’t be.

If I am right, this is the ultimate spot from which all relativity can be calculated. If am not, then no such space exists, and we’ll never have absolute relativity.

I further argued that if there is no universal frame of reference, then we are basically making up what numbers seem to fit our situation. It may seem to work for predictability, but its like drawing 1-11 on a clock face without a 12, ruler or protractor of any kind and hoping its mostly accurate.

OK..so all of this is just the setup for my bizarre thought of the day. That frame of reference exists, because God knows where it is, even though we don’t. Because he used it, created it, saw it start up. And if God is part of the universe, then the universe witnessed it and knows where it is. And if we are part of the universe, the capability of eventually realizing where it is is probably within us…eventually. We just have to keep on pushing towards discovering it.

Because everything in the universe seems to be or is constantly moving, every return trip is never exactly the same as you’d expect. Because whatever goes out, comes back to something that has moved. Which in a way makes relativity or at least the time dilation make no sense, because it should take longer to return not shorter because your return trip should actually be longer than your outgoing trip. However, if you think of it from the viewpoint of the still observer of that frame of reference.. (not someone on the Earth, but someone on the Sun), then it makes more sense, because the frame of reference would always be the same from the Sun. And the relative distance markers of the object from the sun, compared to the distance markers from the Earth are bound to be larger and more spread out. Which means observing the effects of relativity and the time dialation from Earth would have on the real calculation of relativity from the sun would be minimal..nearly non-existant.

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