Precaution #1 for Observing a Solar Eclipse : Use Eclipse Glasses

Eclipse Glasses are a special type of Sun Glasses. Although Eclipse Glasses look somewhat similar to Sun Glasses, they differ from the latter due to the material, they’re made of. Most of the times you could notice Eclipse glasses, made of card board and they’re specially aimed at observing solar eclipses.

Additionally eclipse glasses are endorsed by scientists for the use of public when observing solar eclipses, such as the annular solar eclipse on 15th January 2010.

It’s important to know that there are two types of eclipse glasses. The first category is that the eclipse glasses that feature a yellowish pink image of the sun and the other creates an image which is bluish. You can use either of these eclipse glasses when observing eclipses.

However please do not use sun glasses to observe the sun/ look at the sun as they’re not supposed for that purpose. Eclipse Glasses are much darker than the sun Glasses and they are bot for the eclipse watch. They’re simply not to be used to observe the eclipse, Otherwise you’ll risk your eye sight and you may end up left blind permanently.

Credit goes to Eclipse 2010 blog @ Precaution #1 for Observing a Solar Eclipse : Use Eclipse Glasses

Solar Eclipse 2010

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