A random Idea I have: Do Atoms & Solar System (Planetary System) share a similarity?

This is one of those freaky matters that I have been thinking of, over the course of time. Now I though of posting it here and getting ready for a better discussion, argument or whatever.

So let’s straightly get into the topic. I have also supplied pictures to illustrate the idea. Basically, an atom is of course made up of electrons, neutrons & protons. The electrons orbit the the nucleus, which houses the protons and neutrons. Hence the nucleus is positively charged and since the negatively charged electrons orbit the nucleus, in a nutshell, we can say the atom is neutral.A random Idea I have: Do Atoms & Solar System (Planetary System) share a similarity

Now let’s focus on solar system. There is the mighty sun in the center, and there are other planets orbiting the sun. Therefore this is the basic anatomy of the planetary system. Now what I’m gonna do is compare the features of both systems and try to arrive at a compromise if possible.A random Idea I have: Do Atoms & Solar System (Planetary System) share a similarity

Let’s take the nucleus. Now we can take the sun on the other hand, corresponding to the nucleus.

* Both nucleus & sun are located in the center of the system.
* Planets orbit the sun, whereas the electrons orbit the nucleus.
* Planets go in orbits and electrons follow orbitals.

Planets move at slower speeds, compared to electrons, whose speeds are near C, which is the speed of the light, being 3×10^8 meters per second. Although there are many similarities shared by both systems, this seems , to me, as a contradiction. However there could also be a relationship, which is not derived yet and which is able to explain by taking, the sizes of the systems into account. May be the speed can be inversely proportional to the size of the system.

To add to the above facts, one can also claim that the clusters, and even super clusters have the same movement, which relates of a system, whose elements are orbiting a centered object.

This is the main focus of the today’s post and I’m open for any argument or debate,

Your feedback is welcome !!

Credits :Similarity of Planets & Atoms

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