International Year of Astronomy IYA2009 is gone, What’s next?

I believe that you all, the scienceblog community is aware that Last year 2009 was the in International Year of Astronomy, abbreviated as IYA2009 in alphanumerical characters.

2009 was acclaimed by UNESCO and IAU and approved the International Year of Astronomy, as it completed 400 years for the discovery of Telescope by great Italian genius, Galileo Galilei, back in 1609.

Much things happened in 2009 in commemoration of this and it was a worldwide celebration, in general with the universal theme, “Universe, Yours to Discover”

That’s enough talk,

I just made this post to discuss what would come next. As per the latest updates IYA2009 will officially be concluded on 09th January 2010, with the closing ceremony from Padua, Italy. What would be beyond 2009?

Will there be any IYA again whatsoever?

Let’s discuss !!

I appreciate your valuable comments and as per what I believe your comments would be all what that will complete/ fulfill this blog post !!

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