A Great Leap Forward in Trust

Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Moon’s surface and declared his landing a giant leap for mankind. It heralded a monumental achievement in science and technology. A few years before that, Chairman Mao engendered a Great Leap Forward in cultural expression before killing it as a perceived threat to his control over his new country. Last month, President Hu exhibited a similar distruct in ignoring President Obama’s pleas for a treaty on climate change believing the George Bush model that such investments were economically unsound. Well, less then a month after that disastrous climate summit, a new solar technology firm has secured a $1B investment to use passive solar technology to generate electricity in the hinterlands of Western China. It is designed to replace Hu’s planned construction of new coal-fired power plants to do the job. If such a strong-willed, conservative leader as Hu can be convinced that clean energy can contribute to his economy as well as current technology can, we may just save the planet after all. Read the article at http://achievementsinscience.blogspot.com.

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