Earthquakes in south-east Asia and south Pacific

Good evening,sirs! New earthquakes are preparing to strike in south-east Asia and south Pacific. They are already big (on Richter scale)if they strike soon.Theire signs are already visible by naked eyes. I wish to be my mistake,but it isn’t. This earthquake is real and dangerous. I wish to anounce the autorities being responsable with civil guards in all thouse regions to prepare them selves and population to be ready to rescue their families .Please,help me if you can anounce somebody in that region. The phenomen is linked to an ancient continent that is lifting up from the bottom of the oceans( bouth Indian and Pacific) ;we can already see this ancient continent : its mountains’ top and plates are known as nipon,indonesian,malaesian,filipines islands..A new “American continent”(bouth of them )is raising up from oceans waves.The world must be prepared for new tsunami in all thouse regions (and around )and population must be anounced and prepared to move to higher regions at least until the danger is over. Our planet is changing.Its convection curents are changing. It is a normal process and we all must be ready to survive. I repeat :I hope to be only my mistake.Thank you for your time.
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