Further Studies On The Constituents Of The mind Of An Observer (CoM) – Ayad Gharbawi


Ayad Gharbawi

January 27, 2010 – Damascus, Syria

We continue our studies on our seeking to understand what ‘Reality’ and specifically here, ‘Reality of the Mind’.
We have thus far seen that the Constituents of the Mind (CoM) contain the following:

Mt1) [x_mp^(?+/-)({ Ev+Em+Sn+Sc+Od+t+m+o+ume+c)}]tf.

What is the (c)? It is the seemingly ‘permanent characteristics that all humans have – such as being temperamental and/or lazy and/or naive – or any other emotional attribute that is a characteristics of any one person. I say ‘seemingly’ because people can do change lifelong attributes of their characters.
We now add it the Mental Plane (mp), since (mp) do occur and they occur so often and they, turn, colour the Observer in question’s Mind so dramatically. Thus, even dull Scenery (Sc), which may have been neutral to Observer, or (?Sc?_1^o), will, after a particular negative experience, create a negative (mp-) that will, in turn, be seen, experienced and felt by (Ob) as (?Sc?_1^(-1 )). Notice how it is the same (Sc1) that has changed from being neutral (o) to being negative (-) in relation to our particular (Ob).
Remember that each (CoM) has a flavour , positive, negative or neutral (+/-/o) and these, of course, in turn are not cut and dry, independent entities. But it is obviously very important to give each (CoM) a flavour, otherwise we would not be doing them full justice as to their full properties.
Again, let us remember, that the above equation is not ‘real’ for any individual, because no Observer, in any given (TF) will have all the above attributes at the same time! That is why, within, any studied (TF) any person will a certain mixture of (CoM).
Every single Constituent of the Mind (CoM) can or may act and interact with any other (CoM) and those interactions, can or may, produce, in turn, other attributes in the mind of the Observer – or other (CoM).
Thus, the Mind of any person, is in constant flux, changing and producing different flavours and thus producing ever changing images, flavours, and therefore creating/producing ever changing realities , while at the same time – and this is a fundamentally crucial point here – it is precisely the Awareness Factor, (?+/-), that is the one and only deciding factor that determined what exactly the Observer sees, feels, experiences, notices in his Mind and therefore it that Awareness Factor (AF) that decides, in the final analysis, what it is that creates the final true ‘reality’ of the Mind of the Observer, within the studied Time Frame of course.
Mt2) [ x_mp^(?+/-) { ?(Ev&Em&Sn@Sc&Od&t@m&ume&o)c }]tf.

We can never understand what the ‘Reality of the Mind’ is until and unless we understand this fluidity that exists in the Mind of the person in question, and this fluidity is due to the interactions between the Constituents of the Mind, and it precisely this fluidity that creates further new constituents of the mind which each have their own particular flavours – while at the same time it is only the Awareness Factor that will finally decide what exactly the Observer ‘sees’ as being ‘his reality.

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