Canadian Multiple Sclerosis Patient Improves After Stem Cell Treatment

Another multiple sclerosis (MS)patient from Canada is reporting improvements after adult stem cell treatment from Dr. Shimon Slavin in Israel. Brent Davidson, from Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, says the adult stem cells which improved his quality of life “wasn’t cheap, but it was worth every penny.”

Davidson followed in the footsteps of fellow Canadians and multiple sclerosis patients Louis Zylstra and Arndt Roehlig, who went to Dr. Slavin for the stem cell therapy using their own stem cells.

Before the stem cells:

* reduced cognitive functions
* needed a cane to walk
* daily fatigue and pain

After the stem cells were implanted:

* Cognitive functions returned
* No cane needed, now Davidson is running and playing tennis!
* Davidson says “5% of the pain” there was before the treatment

The cost of the stem cell treatment was about $30,000, but Davidson says it was well worth it. Another MS patient from the same city in Canada is now trying to raise money to go abroad for the stem cell treatment as adult stem cells are not available in Canada.

Well, I wouldn’t have to write about Canadians MS patients going abroad if adult stem cell treatment was available in Canada. Unfortunately, this safe treatment with their own stem cells is not available to them. Therefore, Canadians must travel abroad and pay money out of their own pocket for treatment that actually helps them. I guess that “free” Canadian health care isn’t so great if you actually have to use it.

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