Supplement blocks the initiation of breast cell mutations by estrogens

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Every 13 minutes a woman loses her battle with breast cancer and in 2009 alone more than 27,000 men died from prostate cancer. These powerful statistics continue to fuel research and new developments. With tens of millions of dollars in financial support from the National Cancer Institute and the U.S. Department of Defense, scientists have identified when estrogen metabolism is out of balance it can start the process leading to breast cell mutations. In partnership with the scientists, Prevennia? is a new dietary supplement, scientifically-proven and supported by 35 years of research, designed to block the triggering mechanism that can cause breast cell mutations.

Research has shown that when the body’s estrogen metabolism is unbalanced, the estrogen metabolites can react with DNA and thereby are prone to start the process leading to mutations in cells. Renowned scientists Dr. Ercole Cavalieri and Dr. Eleanor Rogan, who have been involved with these scientific findings and research for more than three decades, have published their findings in the following journals: International Journal of Cancer; Cancer Prevention Research; Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research; Prostate; Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Future Oncology.

“Prevennia? is a result of the dedication and research by the scientists to identify the naturally occurring dietary supplements that can prevent the deterioration of the cells and protect the body from these mutations,” John Raffanti, president and CEO of EQ Biosciences, Inc., said. “With more than 200 research papers published on Drs. Cavalieri and Rogan’s findings, determining someone’s level of estrogen-DNA adducts was a significant step in finding out how estrogens may cause genetic mutations. Our goal is to educate the public, through the scientific findings and testimonials we already have, about the benefits of taking Prevennia? starting as a young adult and making it a daily habit for healthy cells.”

Drs. Cavalieri and Rogan were the first researchers to study the effects of Resveratrol on this estrogen metabolism in cells. New research establishes that to be effective additional compounds must be added for optimal effect and suggests that a combination of naturally occurring preventative agents may be successful in preventing the initiation step or triggering mechanism for estrogen-initiated mutations. In their research, Drs. Cavalieri and Rogan developed a laboratory testing procedure that accurately and objectively measures the estrogen-DNA adduct levels and is the first and only existing method that measures the level of markers associated with this type of estrogen-initiated mutations.

While focusing on maintaining people’s health rather than curing disease, this all-natural supplement combines four dietary supplements called antioxidants. It offers a natural, low-cost way to reduce the level of estrogen-DNA adducts. Prevennia? is only available online at

EQ Biosciences, Inc., a Las Vegas, Nevada company, was formed in association with the research scientists to assist women and men in achieving and maintaining healthy, normal levels of estrogen metabolites through the use of Prevennia?, a dietary supplement. Taken twice daily, Prevennia? reacts with natural components in the body to protect each cell and block the initiation of mutations. Research that led to the development of Prevennia? was funded in part by tens of millions of dollars in financial support from the National Cancer Institute and the U.S. Department of Defense.

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