Key Technique of Spectrum Management

There are several sorts of radios in Electric Information System(EIS) and the number of radios is large. Furthermore, parameters of radios have to be adjusted under the warefield situation. Therefore, the Electromagnetic Environment(EME) becomes very complicated.

Thus, the Frequency Assignment Algorithm(FAA) must be rapid and robust. In this field, several countries already have good harvests while China has not done enough study. We carries out the study on FAA in theory and practice, with the purpose of enhancing performance of FAA. We presents the mathematic model of this project. Four-Level Forecast Model(FLFM) is studied to analyse the interference between two radios. The research on FAA is based on FLFM and contains two parts, determinism algorithm and optimization algorithm. Through statistic analysis on spetrum utility situation of radios, how interference occurs can be known.

These are some innovations in this article:
1, The classical mathematic model of Frequency Assignment Problem(FAP) is investigated. It presents mathematic model of this project.
2, Complete Graph Algorithm(CGA) is used to present FAA because to perform the whole EMC analysis in EIS, which no more than 5 radios, CGA is faster than enumerative method. Improved CGA is realized to enhance performance. The analysis formulae of computational amount of algorithms are deduced.
3, Study on Performance Evaluations Rule(PER) of basic Ant System(AS) suggests PER of algorithm is suitable for this project.
4, Ant Colony System(ACS) is employed to solve dynamic FAP of EIS, which has no more than 15 radios. Comparison among basic AS, improved AS, genetic algorithm and ACS proves that ACS is the best.
5, Effects of every parameter to the performance of ACS are studied. Analysis on function of parameters suggests the setting rule of the optimized parameters.
6, With the simulation of FAA operation, the statistic data of spectrum utility situation of radios in EIS is systemically collected to analyze why interference happens. Algorithm initial value could be set according to the statistical result. This statistical result is helpful to set algorithm initial value. This article consists of 6 chapters, including 77 figures, 10 tables, and 174 references. More please visit

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