A Literature Analysis in International Monoclonal Antibody Research

Li Haicun, Wang Min ,Xu Peiyang
Inistitute of medical information, Peking Union medical college, 100020
Abstract: Objective:The aim of the study is to compare the contribution of different world regions and institutes in monoclonal antibody research productivity, and discover the main subjects and hot topics in monoclonal antibody field. Methods:The articles on monoclonal antibody were searched in web of science database(SCIE), based on bibliometric method, various fields like publication year, country of publications, journals and institutes were analyzed exhaustively; A detailed analysis on the main subjects and topics were analyzed by using co-word analysis,cluster analysis and visualization analysis. Results:The researchers in USA published a large number of high quality papers,and universities play an important role in this field.Conclusion: the developed countries especially USA play a dominant role in this field.China has made a great progress in recent ten years,but still lagged behind the developed countries.
Keywords: monoclonal antibody;information visualization; bibliometrics; cluster analysis; co-word analysis

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