The Primary study of Information Visualization in Medical Information Analysis

Wang Min1, Xiao Yonghong2, Zhang Yanwu1, Zhang Bin1, Li Haicun1, Liu Xiaoting1, Xu Peiyang1
1. The Institute of Medical Information, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences,100020;
2. National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 100190
Abstract: Information visualization is an important subfield of information science. Mapping knowledge domain is a valuable method that attempts to reveal the intellectual structure, track the dynamics, and discovers the potential new areas of research by applying information analysis and visualization tools. Based on the investigation of information visualization research, the paper presents an overview of the main methods, tools and the application fields that provides, which lay a foundation for the application of information visualization in medical area.
Key Words: Information visualization; Knowledge domain; Content analysis; Citation analysis; Social network analysis

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