Danger! Anti-Science/Free Speech Teabaggers from Scientificblogging.com Are Hacking Twitter, Gmail and Blog Accounts

WARNING! If you speak out for science and even question extreme right wing politics, your accounts are likely to be hacked and deactivitated as ours were. These folks are smart, vicious, persistent and crazy. We mention it on this site since this account is likely to be attacked and shut down by them as well. The Teabaggers appear to be stalking science blogs and sites.

The purported “open” web site is actually controlled by right-wing folks. Hank Campbell and Gerhard McAdams are two. McAdams is very anti-science and has an extensive computer background so is likely behind these attacks. The commentators that are tolerated on this site are 90% extreme right-wing and hassle any other than extreme right ideas or posts.

Unfortunately, online security is no match for Teabagger techies. ANY views that disagree with their bullying approach will be attacked and your accounts will be as well.

They have accomplished their objective since the web is not a secure place for the exchange of different ideas but a place you will be vulnerable if you do not support their extreme views. For any business or academic site and social media, be warned you are likely vulnerable to extremists.

We will continue to post on this hostile and aggressive political behavior as long as we can. They are after us!

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