The Chinese and Foreign Finance Educational Expenditure’s Comparison Studies

The world has entered the era of knowledge-based economy, and the development of education, science and knowledge innovation are the most important factors to enhance the comprehensive national strength. Education has an important role in the modernization of China, and it is the foundation to improve efficiency of workers and train expertise for our country, that is the key of the development of national economy and national comprehensive national strength.

Education equity is the foundation of social justice. Government must establish a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable education system. Education is Quasi-public goods, so government has the responsibility and obligation to provide basic public education and it is also the trend that government provides the education finance instead of market.

China has been increasing the size of education finance since 1979, and education has experienced a bouncing development in every province of China. But China is the biggest developing country with the world’s largest population and very limited financial resources, there is a wide gap between government’s investments in education compared with the developed countries.

There are many problems we have to solve in order to accelerate the development of our education. Based on the education finance theories, this article compares the quality and structure of fiscal expenditure in education between china and other typical countries, finds the problems and propose reform ideas in order to improve the efficiency of education financial funding and promote the development of China’s education.

This article includes four parts:
The first part analyses the theory of education public finance. It includes the content and principle of education public finance, the property and public finance position of education, and sets up the index system of the expenditure efficiency of financial education.
The second part compares the quantity of fiscal expenditure on education between china and other typical countries. Through the comparison of the proportion of expenditure on education to GDP and expenditure on education to public expenditure, we analyses the gap between China’s public expenditure on education with the rest of the world.
The third part compares the structure of fiscal expenditure on education between china and other typical countries. We analyses the distribution of fiscal expenditure on education between all levels of education and governments, points out the problems exist in our country.
The fourth part gives some suggestions. We put forward some new ideas to solve the problems points out in front in order to improve the efficiency of education financial funding.

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