Aesthetic Characteristics of Chinese Music Television

20th century 60’s is the world’s economic prosperity and new technologies of the decade has been widely used. Popular culture to an unprecedented intensity swept through the community, followed by an “anti-culture” of the boom. Impact on the traditional authority under suspicion, and culture are also faced with the collapse of the pillars, so prevalent in the 60’s people a sense of loss.

At that time, some of the representation of rock music it is young people’s ideological evolution of the United States the most detailed records. Rock and roll music has gone beyond the scope of the value of which represents a conversion of a moral renewal of the birth of a new culture. 20th century 70’s to rock and roll for the motif, in TV technology based on the emergence of a new way of publicity – the music video.

The emergence of the music video for the music provided a new means of promotion. Because of its sophisticated production and a strong artistic appeal, making music videos in commercial use for the process of the formation of a new species of art. Music videos, as imports from China began to enter the Chinese culture is rooted in the soil, whether conscious or unconscious localization have to be faced with the transformation and development. Music videos in China’s development over the past 20 years, many traditional Chinese culture and embodies the national character of the performance of the “Road to contain the text” of the education function, reflecting the traditional culture of “reasonable blend of” the unity and the “actual situation of Health” created a mood of traditional Chinese music television’s unique charm.

Judging from the current situation, whether it is technical or subject matter, the Chinese music videos are in a bottleneck period. How to get out of the bottleneck from the start of a new heaven and earth? How to deal with commercial, artistic and cultural relationship between the handling of the relationship between nationalization and globalization, both China and at the same time universal aesthetic psychology of the audience, the industry is a profound thought. We attempt to start from the above discussed aspects of Chinese music in the future development of television to provide some reference.

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