Cancer Targeted Therapy Database

The Melanoma Molecular Map Project (MMMP) website (www.mmmp.org) now hosts a new databank entitled “TARGETED THERAPY DATABASE-TTD”, which is freely accessible at the following address:


The TTD is a databank for the systematic collection of the scientific knowledge regarding
the development of targeted therapy for melanoma.
This databank gathers in a standardized and computationally compatible fashion the
published evidence on the molecular features that have been investigated to foster the
development of patient and melanoma specific therapies.

The TTD can be queried for the following purposes:

1) To provide both basic researchers and clinical investigators with an unprecedented
synopsis of the available scientific literature on the development of targeted therapy
for melanoma;

2) To obtain summaries of the current evidence on the relationship between each single
molecule (or set of molecules) and the efficacy (toxicity) of a given therapeutic agent
(or set of therapeutic agents);

3) To match the patient/cancer molecular profile with the available scientific evidence
on the targeted therapy of melanoma, thus developing a drug ranking system for the
personalized treatment of melanoma.

Therefore, the information collected in the TTD can be used not only to get a sense of
the overall picture of the data produced by the scientific community with regard to
anti-melanoma targeted therapy (which are currently scattered in thousands of articles),
but also (and hopefully) to promote both the preclinical and clinical development of
patient and cancer tailored therapy based on the already available evidence.

I believe this is an extremely interesting initiative that might represent the template for similar databanks dedicated to other diseases !


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