3 things you can do to save the planet.

If you are like myself and others I know we concentrate on what governments, corporations or environmental groups do to save the planet. But really it starts with us. By each of us making small changes in our lives a lot can be done. Just think if each of us recycled 1 additional item every week how much more would be recycled. Here are 3 things you can do this week to save the planet. I realize you will probably already be doing some of them and others could be a reminder:
1. Use a close line. My wife is a believer in this one. She uses the dryer for very little preferring to have most of our cloths air dry. What if you live in an apartment? We do. She purchased a drying rack from a big box store from Sweden and uses that for most smaller cloths and puts shirts and pants on hangers and hangs them on the bar in the bathroom. This saves electricity which ultimately reduces the use of fuel which helps the planet by reducing co2 omissions.
2. Pick up a piece of litter. In our community they have annual river cleanups where they pull junk out of the rivers and clean up the river banks. But this is something each of us can do yearly. All it takes is when we are outside going about our daily lives is to pick up 1 piece of litter. Then again if each of up picked up one piece just think of the tons of garbage that would be removed from destroying the environment.
3. Turn off a light. This is not as simple as it sounds. We seem to be in a hurry and often go from room to room in our residences. And with this lights get turned on but not off as we are planning to go into that room in the next while. But sometimes we do not and that light stays on for longer periods of time that it should. All it takes is paying attention. At the workplace the same theory is in play. When I worked at an office with over 70 people in the building it was amazing at the end of the day how many lights were left on. These lights were the  little desk lights to the main lighting. Then again all it takes is an extra 1 – 2 minutes to survey your area and not only turn off your lights but your neighbours if they left one on.
Through each of us taking little measures to make a difference, cumulatively it will make a huge difference and actually make a difference.

Gord Easton
Gord is blogger of environmental issues his main blog is http://www.anuplanet.com

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