Aliens, or future humans?

DNA is gods creation for life……or at least that’s the religious point of view, but anyway let’s break this theroy down shall we? First, every living thing has DNA am I correct? Now depending on how this strand is put to together by the codes we carry, you get a result similar to the being that form of life is carrying. Now if you add or take away from it you can add and subtract qualities that were lost or gained threw time. What I am saying Is maybe those aliens are not so alien at all, maybe they are advance humans that simply “altered” or “added” certain qualities to there humanoid selfs, thus leading to a new breed of humanoid creatures. It seems like mostly all aliens that come “visit” earth is in a humanoid form ( head, eyes, arms, hands, torso, legs, feet) and seem to be just as curious about the universe as we are. Maybe these are simply humans that’s found out how to “crack the code” for space travel, meaning they made themselfs into a different creature just to be able to have a better chance of surviving space travel. Another example is it could have just been for fashion, special abilities(like a longer life, strength, climate change, etc), etc. If you think about it they could have created us and simply come here to observe our progress as a lone race to understand the possibility of civilization In the known universe!!! open your mind to the many possibilities!!

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