Evolution Or Creation?

Everything has a purpose eg: A pot is to hold a plant and a car is to transport us from place to place. What do all these things have in common? well they all have to be made by someone or something otherwise the aluminium would be just a pile of aluminium and the clay would be a pile of clay. So far we have seen that everything made by man has a creator, you might say that cars are made by machines well who made the technology to make the cars, well we did(Human beings). If we relate this to things being caused we can see that nothing happens without something else happening before hand; if we relate this to the ‘Big Bang’ it makes sense that somthing must have happend. if we go back to this ‘exploding star’ somthing must of happend to this star to cause it to explode it couldn’t just explode on its own so there must be a god in this universe and that is how I think god created the world But NOT certain!
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Some scientists believe that certain characteristics of the early universe, such as its precise rate of expansion, can be explained without the need of an intelligent cause. They appeal to a theory or theories called inflation. However, the inflationary universe theory does not address the question of origins. It requires belief in something preexisting out of which our universe was accidentally born.

According to inflation theory, the universe grew from a size smaller than an atom to a size greater than our galaxy in less than a second. It is said that from that point on, the universe continued expanding at a slower, normal rate. Today, the visible part of our universe is considered to be a small fraction of a bigger universe. Inflation theorists claim that although the visible universe has the same orderly appearance in all directions, the greater unseen part may be different, even chaotic. “There can never be an observational test of inflation,” states astrophysicist Geoffrey Burbidge. In fact, inflation theory conflicts with new lines of observational evidence. It is now seen that if the theory were true, it would require a speculative new force of antigravity. One scientist, Howard Georgi of Harvard University, described inflation as “a wonderful sort of scientific myth, which is at least as good as any other creation myth I’ve ever heard.”

Hi I’m Thomas Prince I’m 13
I hope I have helped you make your mind up.

I was asked not long ago what’s the purpose of a pile of clay buried 2000 feet below a mountain? well the clay can stop the water from reaching the centre of the earth geograph might help explain this in the future but for now that is just a theory(to me). Please if you want, ask me more questions.

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  1. Thanks for the reply, after looking it up in more detail i have been able to understand it more. I take back the information which was extremely wrong. But the more i look into it the more questions arise like “why if there are an infinite amount of possibilities did this one occur on its own and make even a simple cell containing DNA, something so complex and so small?” and “If natural selection is a process of evolution why didn’t the first single cell organism die and the process end?” and “if evolution started from bacteria how come the bacteria of which we see today hasn’t evolved”

    Many thanks Tom (a whole 3 years later)

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