How much spaces our Brain needs to store data?

Human brain is a God gifted things for everybody. This is just like as hard drive in technological terms. According to the “” human brain has been estimated to contain 50–100 billion (1011) neurons. The nervous system of human brain is consisted with these neurons. The limitations of human brain are not capable of storing a huge data on its memory bank. We mainly memorize things that are very important to remember.

The recent technological innovation strives to reduce your pressure to memorize important things. They invented new things like biometric technology –a key less entry and key less exit. Before this biometric technology we needed to memorize our passwords and hidden questions or other things. This was a great problem for many of us. There are always risks of losing your passwords or fear of identity theft problem.

Biometric technology basically refers fingerprint biometrics, finger vein authentication, iris technology or human body organs to use as authentication. Using biometric technology we can free from the fear of losing our passwords. Our Fingerprint or finger vein pattern will automatically recognize us and shows it’s you! Just keeping and scanning your finger print is enough to recognize you. No need to store extra data in your brain. These free spaces of your brain can be used for more productive ways.

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