We need to leave.

Eventually, the Earth will be eradicated *duh*, either by asteroid or the sun… or something. Every dominant species has been put in their place by the universe. But us humans have so far made it the farthest on this rock as far as technological standards go. We can actually do something about our impending doom.

In my opinion, the worlds top priority in technology should be in space travel. I believe it should be on the top of the list on any form of global scale of problems. I know the idea of self-sustaining civilizations in space seems far fetched, but if that doesn’t happen we are inevitably going to become extinct.

Whether or not our little animals friends get to join us millions of years in the future is up to evolution. But whatever we do, we seriously need to at least start theorizing about the journey away from our home.

But its really down to if the worlds majority is content with sitting on this rock and getting to the point when it is too late to turn back, or working its way to a humanity saving goal and prolonging the extent of our existence to a point unmeasurable if we find a way to create self-sustaining civilizations in space, that will be the point of mans existence in which we will have no countdown until doomsday clock above our heads. There will be no measure of how long we will exist in this universe.

Now is where people that really don’t like sci-fi should look away. I personally don’t really think too much of the ‘aliens’ phenomena. Of course there is other life in the universe, but whether or not they visit us… It’s a concept I find in the “whatever” category. They may not be, might be but on to the point.

If ‘aliens’ are visiting the earth, I can only grasp that in one way. They would be mining either the moon, or using our planet for resources because they had the same idea as me. If they are here, then their planet is probably gone or deserted. They didn’t want to get stuck and eventually face extinction on there home.

I don’t know… its just an idea, but comment if you want. Please nothing rude, once again I know it seems like a silly idea, but its pretty severe if you think about it. Our existence could be ended tomorrow, but if it is not… then let us be thankful that we have been given more time to get out of here.

Rory P. Fay

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