Biometrics Technology –a versatile one for your necessity

Julian is a high official in a multinational financial organization. He knows every nook and crannies in his organization. It is a matter of minutes to solve big problems or finding out proper solutions for financial matters. But regularly he faces big problems which lingers his performance as well as kills time to find out answers of some what’s. Such as Where are my cards? Did I forget to bring it when I came to office? Where are the cards of EDGE Bank? What are the passwords of these accounts? Wait – just a minute (a minute= five to ten minutes) I have to remember my secret question. Ooh no it doesn’t match! These are the common mistakes most of the busy professional or business guys. These passwords are consists of six to ten digits. Digits are seems to be few but its value is enormous. Thousands and billions of money can be shifted through these few alphabets. The above phenomena triggering our eyes in some facts:

>We use our brain to retrieve the lost passwords.
>We use our time for finding out our cards.
>We use brain spaces for memorize the passwords.
>We use phone whether we forget to bring it from home.
>We use ms-word password protected documents to store
confidential data.
>The biggest facts are to loss huge financial loss through
passwords theft or hacking data.

The punch card, magnetic cards or ATM cards were the latest technology at the time of its invention. But situation proved that the new safest technology is using the Biometric Technology. The biometric technology proves the punching cards or ATM cards are more vulnerable than biometric technology. The biometric Identity Management Software will give you the utmost security through bio-metrically authenticated system. Biometric identification eliminates the above mentioned real facts. You need not to be worried about forget to bring your ATM cards or other types of cards. Really biometric technology helps us to facilitate our life smooth and simpler. Suppose you need not worried to forget to bring your hands or eyes with you! On the other hand there are no chances to duplicate your fingerprint, finger vein pattern, and palm biometrics pattern or iris vein structure from you. These things are unique to every human body. Last of all every technology has some merits and demerits. The latest technology always tried to reduce the lacking of prior technology. It is not the far future to be used biometrics in everywhere but it is the knocking future to use this technology.

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