Flying Cheap: PBS Does It Again

Frontline does it again. As a frequent flyer, I have grown considerably concerned about my safety with regional carriers. This PBS program sheds light on Continental Flight 3407 to Buffalo that crashed in 2009, due to pilot error according to the NTSB.

Incidentally, PBS reveals the tenous relationship that major and regional carriers have. The Continental flight in question, was operated by Colgan Airlines, a regional carrier contracted to serve smaller markets in mid-east and Texas.

“Flying Cheap” also explores why flights have become more affordable over the past twenty years. Discount carriers like Southwest and Jet Blue, have placed considerable pressure on major carriers to lower their operating cost. Within this context, PBS reveals issues about regional pilot fatigue, corporate culture, pilot pay and experience.

Watch this program!

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FRONTLINE: flying cheap | PBS
One year after the deadly airline crash of Continental 3407 in Buffalo, NY, FRONTLINE investigates the accident and discovers a dramatically changed airline industry, where regional carriers now account for half of the nation’s daily departures. The rise of the regionals and arrival of low-cost carr.

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