Developer preview of Kamra, the first open standards-based mobile AR browser, at ARE2010

The Georgia Institute of Technology announces the release of the developer preview of Kamra, the first mobile augmented reality (AR) browser for the KHARMA (KML/HTML Augmented Reality Mobile Architecture) development platform based on open Web standards. The developer preview will be released at ARE2010 – Augmented Reality Event in Santa Clara, CA June 2. The release of Kamra for the iPhone in the iTunes Store is expected before the end of June.

What Kamra is:

  • The first mobile open standards browser that overlays information from multiple website channels simultaneously onto the user’s phone.
  • Kamra allows any content that can be displayed on Mobile Safari to be placed into the physical environment using standard KML.
  • By being built on top of open Web technologies and standards, Kamra allows developers to produce a full range of collaborative applications.
  • Kamra gives authors the freedom to customize the browser interface behavior for their own channels.
  • Kamra lets users create and distribute content from their own hosted websites or through filters that generate KML.
  • Future releases of Kamra will support marker tracking, HTML5 video and a range of 3-D content.

The Kamra development team is led by Blair MacIntyre, associate professor in the School of Interactive Computing and faculty member at the GVU Center at Georgia Tech. Alex Hill, postdoctoral fellow within the Augmented Environments Lab in the School of Interactive Computing, will also be present at the demonstrations. The Kamra project is sponsored by Alcatel-Lucnet as part of their University Innovations Program.

Kamra will be displayed on June 2 at 7 p.m. in the main theater as part of “The Auggies” session. It will also be displayed on June 3 at 2:30 p.m. at the panel session “Developing AR Games.”

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