Explore Newton’s Castle for Inquiry-Based Learning

Recently, I’ve been too busy writing a book manuscript and publicizing my most recent book to mount my soapbox, but I got an e-mail that would be of interest to many of my blog-readers, especially those concerned about inquiry-based learning in K-12 classrooms.

Here it is:

Dear Dr. Fred:
I would like to recommend a new site for The Science Shelf or your Blog.

Our? inquiry based resource Newton’s Castle is a designated Learning Fountain, Blue Web’n and Landmark Project and listed in the NSTA, ISTE and edNA Year of Physics 2005 directories. This site was created by my students with their peers at the Thomas Hepburn School in the UK and was featured as Good HouseKeeping Site of the Day on October 7, 2005 and Cyberbee Web Pick for the Month of November. It was also featured in the Edutopia Newletter, Earth Science Site of the Week listserve and featured as 4Teachers.org Site of the Week.

Here is a brief description.

Explore Newton’s Castle to learn about his discoveries and secret life.

Learn about color, optical illusions, observations from nature and fascinating facts about how cars roll up hill and why dogs chase cars.

There are several Project Legal (TIPS) lessons included regarding copyright and censorship issues and a Newton Timeline.

Take the quiz and get a perfect score to gain access to the treasures contained in the Museum of Modern Art.

Newton’s Castle is replete with inquiry learning, lateral puzzle solving opportunities and investigative training options. You can read my latest article about how Newton’s Castle was designed to attract learners of all ages:? http://ezinearticles.com/?id=106149

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your support.

Best regards,
Steve Feld
John F. Kennedy High School
Bronx, New York

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