Not a full debate, but useful information on candidates’ positions re science

I’d still like to see the candidates speak for themselves on scientific issues, but the Physics Today blog has a useful posting.

It’s nicely organized so you can search for candidate positions by questions they were asked or by candidate. The topics are:
1. Science education
2. Teaching evolution
3. Nuclear weapons
4. Science investment
5. Energy policy
6. Climate change

Opening paragraph of the posting:
Nearly all the remaining presidential candidates agree that the U.S. should continue to invest in energy and basic science research. Hillary Clinton provided the most detailed proposals, with Barack Obama a close second now that John Edwards is out of the race. The two main republican candidates, John McCain and Mike Huckabee, do not have specific proposals but they do support increased funding for energy research and education.

Fred Bortz
Science books for young readers and science book reviews

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